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Pediatric Partials

Pediatric Partials

Pediatric partials are designed to take the place of missing baby teeth in children. Before adult teeth appear, children may experience dental disease or other trauma that could cause their teeth to fall out.

Secondary teeth usually appear around the age of 7, but if a child loses his or her teeth too prematurely, this could lead to many dental problems. Pediatric partials restore a child’s smile and aesthetic appearance, prevent adjacent teeth from drifting, facilitate speech and help maintain normal oral structures. Prosthetic teeth are custom tailored to your children based off a mold that will be taken in the dental office. The pediatric partial is created in a laboratory and sent back to the office where your child can try it on, and we will make any necessary adjustments. Once the fit is perfect, we will secure the pediatric partial. This appliance will remain secure in the child’s mouth until the secondary teeth begin to erupt. At this point, we will remove the pediatric partial appliance, allowing the secondary teeth to come in properly.

It’s important that all surfaces of the pediatric partial be properly cleaned with a toothbrush. Your child may need help to ensure this is done adequately.

If you would like more information about pediatric partials or think your child may be a candidate, please call our office at 770-502-9733.